Emergency Response Kits

 The objectives of this project are to:

• Provide a ready stock of Emergency Response Kits ( previously known as Emergency Boxes) containing useful items in standard containers for use as survival kits in emergencies, within New Zealand's neighbouring South Pacific Islands. 
• Give every Rotary Club the opportunity to contribute to a worthwhile low cost International Relations project.

Emergency Response Kits cost approx $600 each.

Cheques for payment or donations should be marked “Non Transferable”  
made  out to “RNZWCS Ltd (Dist 9940 ERK)” and posted to "RNZWCS Ltd, 
PO Box 20 309, Christchurch 8543". Please also include your name and address details so that RNZWCS Ltd can send you a Registered Charities receipt for Income Tax rebate purposes. Alternatively donations can be made online 
at www.rnzwcs.org  


View the Emergency Response Kit Brochure


The Difference between Emergency Response Kits and Shelter Boxes

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