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Rotary's Healthy Heroes is a 9-week programme that will help you improve both your own and our nation’s health.  Sure, it's aimed mainly at children. But it's just as good for grown-ups. After all, don't parents owe it to their kids to keep themselves healthy too?

The best way to build new habits is together -- in a group, like a school or family. In a group, with agreed goals, it's easier to make a start, easier to keep going, and easier to help each other with daily, weekly and monthly reminders. 

 And... easier to have fun! 

It's amazing how quickly individual hauora or well-being energizes the whole group.

For Healthy Heroes to work, we need there to be a strong three-way partnership between Rotary, school and family.


Rotary:  -   helps to launch and establish the programme in schools
             -   awards Healthy Heroes status to those who complete it.

A Rotary Club that adopts one or more schools in its area is called the Sponsoring Club.  


The school: 

       - offers the programme to their families
       - registers each child
       - records children's progress in meeting the five challenges
       - salutes good performance from time to time.

The family:

       - follows the Healthy Heroes programme day by day.
       - makes sure their children achieve their goals.

The goal of the 9-week Healthy Heroes programme is to build 5 habits for life:

       - regular physical activity
       - healthy eating
       - adequate sleep
       - a lively mind
       - concern for others.


The key word here is habits. We can build new health habits in 9 weeks. But to 'lock them in', we have to repeat them year in, year out. 

The easiest way to stay on track and remember the principles is to repeat the Healthy Heroes Programme. Read our Success Stories and see how much the programme has improved the health of the children and families who've done it.

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