The Rotary Club of Waikanae is for active business and community leaders who enjoy the fellowship of others and who want to make a difference in their local community.
Rotary is a global organisation with around 1.2 million members in 34,000 clubs. Rotarians are people who:
• Get involved with their communities
• Connect with other professionals
• Share their time & experience with young people
• Support global causes, such as eradicating polio
• Use their skills to help others
Rotarians adopt the principle of “Service Above Self” by being actively involved within the local and international community, through charitable and fund raising projects.
Waikanae Rotary meets 6pm Wednesdays except for the first Wednesday of each month.
VENUE: Cedarwood, 17 Parata Street, Waikanae 5036.

Chris Campbell spoke to the club on Wednesday 18 September about his Honors Performance Series 2019  at the Sydney Opera House.
Above: Acting President Robert Nugent with Chris Campbell a very talented musician. 

Chris spoke about his Sydney Opera House trip that is one of the highlights of his life so far, and was a really fulfilling and helpful experience for furthering his career as a musician.

He was able to meet many other musicians of a similar and higher skill level, and it really helped him understand how fun playing music can really be. Over the course of the trip, he was able to see many different parts of Sydney as well as play for one of the best conductors he has met.

Kirt Mosier was really good at getting everyone to play to the best of their ability, without being too mean or demanding overall. His trip started with getting up at 2:00am in order to catch the flight to Sydney. He needed plenty of time to get through security with the double bass.

We had scheduled a meeting with a luthier because his instrument needed some work done on it to bring it up to concert standard. He met the rest of my chaperone group who had come from various US States as well as one Australian.

The performance itself went really well, with the violin solo in Theme for Schindler’s List sounding amazing and the bass section, myself included, having fun in Goin’ to Kansas City, playing the jazzy bass line.


The Wellington Region is an awesome place to live, but it’s a little wild. We often experience earthquakes, storms, flooding and landslides. We’re also at risk from tsunamis.

These emergencies have similar impacts. It would be hard to get around, hard to communicate with loved ones and hard to get access to the essentials.

• Create a plan for what your household would do in an emergency and put together a grab bag NOW. A grab bag (or getaway kit) is a small backpack of essential items to grab if you have to quickly evacuate your home or workplace with little or no warning.
• Make your home safer, store enough water for everyone in your household and plan for what to do if you can't flush your toilet.
• Remember to work with / help your neighbours.
• Find out where your nearest Community Emergency Hub is.

Download the Red Cross Hazards App for your cell phone and find out where to get information in an emergency. Therefore in an emergency, you may receive an alert via your mobile phone. The App has the option to get weather warnings from Metservice and earthquake notifications from Geonet.


•The various hazards faced in your region
•How you and your family can be prepared for an emergency event
•The potential impacts of a disaster including psychological support and recovery
•Ways that you can be involved in the wider response.
Check out and your local council site


Drop Cover Hold

Drop, Cover and Hold during the earthquake, if you feel the earthquake is either longer than a minute OR strong enough that it’s hard to stand up, as soon as the shaking stops, get to high ground, particularly if you're in a tsunami zone.

Grab bag


Our Australian Matched twin Exchange Student Lucy Goldman spoke to the club on the 17th April 2019 about her home in Glen Innes, NSW Australia.

She was born in Bathurst, but moved to Glen Innes when she was five. Recently this year she has moved to the new Armidale Secondary College to study, where she is currently in year nine in the Australian schooling system.

Lucy will be turning 15 while in New Zealand and is very grateful to be given the exchange experience.

Glen Innes is a small town of 7,000 people near the Queensland border. Industries that surround us include sheep farming and wind farms.

Glen Innes is commonly known for it’s cold temperatures and Celtic festivals each year although it is relatively close to the beach.

Lucy has a 16 year old brother Jack, parents Gigha and Matt and two dogs, one being 5 years old and the other 18.
The family does lots of things together such as trips to the snow, to the beach and overseas.

Lucy moved to Armidale College because the selection of subjects was greater and the opportunity for more extra-curricular activities. With her old school only having 400 students, this has been a big change but has prepared her for New Zealand.

Lucy thanked everyone for supporting her and giving her the opportunity to be here, especially the Glen Innes Rotary Club, Australia.

Lucy's three months in New Zealand is going to be an experience she will never forget.

Lucy presenting a Glen Innes Rotary banner
to Waikanae President Steve Botica

The following member and service businesses support Waikanae Rotary and its promotional activities

Lucy Goldman helping out with the annual foodbank collection which this year was a Cluster-wide project, coordinated by the Kapiti Club.

Lucy presenting a  Rotary Club of Glen Innes Banner to Waikanae Rotary President Steve Botica.

Lucy has now returned ho

The Mobility Shop 16 Ihakara Street, Paraparaumu provided members recently with a wide range of Electric Bikes to test run around the Cedarwood Courtyard. 
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